4 Different Types of Auto gates

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  • 15 December 2018
  • Enforce Automatic Global

Automatic gates make your life easier. With Auto Gates, you can heighten your security, safety, privacy and guarantee a peace of mind with convenience

Do you know that there are 4 widely used Auto Gates?

1. Sliding Gates

The addition of a sliding gate at your property is highly beneficial for both security and aesthetic reasons. At Enforce, we specialise in high-quality sliding gates for excellent usability, security, and appearance.

Sliding gates provide high security due to safety beams, innovative automatic locking technology built in with the motor and a well-built gate. They also enhance the exterior of your property through modern designs suitable for both domestic and commercial settings. Sliding gates are a through and through modernised and effective automatic gate.

2. Swinging Gates

A swinging gate only needs lubricant around its hinges so that it will not produce any noise, an important point to consider if the gate will be located very close to your home as it takes up space compared with a sliding gate. A swinging gate is a conventional style of gate so it is more straightforward to install as well. A swinging gate often has a regal and welcoming look.

3. Folding Gates

Folding gates are the in thing now especially with our fully aluminium trackless bi-folding gates, you can be assured of less space wastage and a beautiful gate to match your façade. They provide high security and speed as well with the latest modern feel.

4. Telescopic gates

A telescopic gate occupies less space compared to a sliding gate when in the open position. It is ideal for a site where there is space constraint. A single telescopic gate can be used for an opening and a pair of gates for an opening double the size. It is beautiful and adds a touch of class to the sliding gate feel.
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